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5 things to know before buying a smartphone

5 things to know before buying a smartphone

Hi everyone. Well it’s my second post on my website. Taking baby steps you see :P. So today I am going to speak about something that is a common query. A query that anyone faces. Still unable to guess? Let me give you some clue. This query is something a child, a teenager, your dad, your uncle, or even you can face someday or the other. In this modern age of the Internet, you won’t be able to survive without it. I think now many people have already guessed it. Yes I am talking about a smartphone. Just imagine with a broad range of brands at your disposal, from which you can choose the best. Is this not confusing? Okay so I will get to business now. Today, I am going to speak about the 5 Dos’ while buying a smartphone. Let’s get started now.

1 Brand conscious

Studies show that almost 65% of the general masses buy smartphones just because of status and brand value. If you are a brand conscious person, then you better go for it. Better brands mean that you get better services, excellent quality, and most importantly the trust of million users. I personally am not a brand conscious person, but when you are going to invest 10,000 – 20,000 why not be safe than sorry? Also, when you buy from a reputed brand, even if in case your smartphone stops working (God forbid that from happening) you can rest be assured that you will receive quality services regardless of the situation. So as I earlier said, if you have been brand specific then it’s better to spend a few extra bucks and invest in a reputed name.

2 Hunger for specifications

Well you heard me right. Hunger for specs! I belong to this category. When I buy my phone, I do not care which brand it belongs to but I see what the phone packs with itself. In this ever competing world, everyone wants to be step ahead of the other person. Then why not in smartphone? If you are a spec-hungry freak like me, you can invest a good amount of cash in buying a smartphone that you know will be the king of the market for at least a year. Generally mobile phone users ignore this.

3 Risk takers

You may have seen that sometimes, out of the ordinary, a new brand is born and they release a smartphone that has all the specs a person may desire. Many people end up buying such new brand smartphones and then if their luck goes bad, end up with paper weights. If you are not a risk taker, I suggest you always do thorough research and then purchase smartphones. Sometimes, specs can be a luring trick for new brands, but always and I repeat always check for reviews and customer feedback before investing in new brands.

4 Features

If you are a normal user who uses his/her smartphone for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and other social media then you won’t need to empty your pockets too much. But, and I am stressing on this fact, if you are looking for some specific features; for example, water and dust proof phone, or 3 GB RAM for multitasking and gaming or detailed camera, then be ready to shell out some serious cash. The reason I say this is because manufacturers make it their business to provide specific features in separate phones. If you ask why they don’t make a phone with all the features, well that’s business strategies! So now what do mobile users do at their end? The best thing would be to decide what feature you are looking into for buying a phone. If you are a photography lover then go for a phone with top-notch camera features and likewise.

5 Market competition
This is the most important part. If you are not a brand conscious person then you can exploit the factor of competition within the manufacturers. When a company launches a product there is bound to be some competition. Here is where a user needs to do some research and find out which phone is suitable to match his requirement and choose the best phone from the available competing manufacturers.

Well that’s it folks. I’d like to conclude my post by saying that whichever smartphone you choose, ensure that you conduct a thorough research and don’t just blindly follow the herd. There’s a reason why we are not living in caves and jungles. We have evolved and so should our thoughts. Hence, when you spend your hard earned cash, be a watchful buyer and spend on the right product. This is me signing off for this post. See you until next time at this same place, Thought for Souls.
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