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Hi guys a very warm welcome to Thought for Souls.   Well it's my first post and you are the lucky few to witness the inception of ideas and thoughts, which I would be sharing with you guys through my post. So let me get to business and introduce to my first post. This post is very special because one of my friend has asked me to share about this. How often do we come across thoughts where we think let's end this; enough of the fights. Though these thoughts may be small they form the seed to something big and if not taken care off they can cause relationships to break. So what do we do in such circumstances, fight? No, we find the root cause and work on it, clear misunderstandings, and work towards solving the problem. That being said let's look at more things to do to have a happy relationship.

1. Devoting time to each other:

Taking out time from one's busy schedule and devoting that time to your partner can be one of the best things ever, keeping in mind how much our grueling jobs keep us occupied and leave us with less time for our partner.

2. Cooking up a storm together:

A perfect Sunday can be made more perfect if the two team up and hit the kitchen together. It helps to improve coordination and builds better understanding between the two. The end result is delicious food topped with extra love.

3. Romantic surprises:

This trick will never fail no matter what happens. When work stress and other petty problems of life seem to overshadow one's romantic life. Planning sweet little surprises always comes to the rescue. Be it gifts or setting up candle light dinner at home or planning a movie date or shopping together can spark the romance.

4. Intimacy unexplored:

The moment you start treating your bed as the only place to collapse on after a tired day of work, it soon turns into your prison bed. Surprise him/her with unexpected sensual intimate moments. Make him/ her feel special. Don't make sex a formality rather make it as a wonderful connection between the two that words cannot express. Try devoting time to go out on a romantic weekend getaway and bring back the lost romance by exploring things about each other that you may not have done so before. She can bring out her wild seductive side while he can make her feel the most special thing to him.

5. He/she is your best friend:

Before anything else in this world, even before being your husband/wife, do not forget that he/she is your friend. The one with you need to share everything with. When you start to realize that you could come home and confide in your husband/wife on any matter like he/she is your best friend, you would never have to deal with the relationship in a more formal way. Sharing your joys and sorrows, listening to each other, finding solutions to each other’s problems builds up the trust which constructs the foundation of the relationship. Marriage is just legalizing your relationship on paper but it cannot guarantee permanent happiness with your partner. What does guarantee is the only you and your partner’s approach towards sailing your lives together on smooth waters. No doubt there will be rough tides along the path but that should not stop one from taking efforts to keeping their marriage not just alive but kicking.

I am sure after following not all but at least a few suggestions, you will be able to clear the misunderstandings and have a happy relationship. Well folks that was the end of my first post. I hope you guys loved reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Stay tuned for I will be coming up more such wonderful Thoughts for the Soul. Till then this is me signing off Sayo nara everybody! :)

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