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An unpleasant tale of love

An unpleasant tale of love

She spoke very little about the future; her plans seemed unclear.

He hoped to make it big; his dreams he wound around her.

All she wanted was to enjoy life with a dose of excitement.

Yet he sacrificed his little joys for her without expressing discontent.

Benefiting from him in every aspect she demanded materialistic pleasures;

He promised to unconditionally fulfill her wishes always and forever.

She took for granted the words of her Prince Charming,

While he worked hard to make her believe they could be long-lasting.

Breaking the depth of his inner soul she refused to walk down the aisle with him;

As he stood there all alone still hoping to set things right between them

It all changed one fine day; her world trembled and shattered;

He finally decided she was not worth his pain; no more to him did she matter.

She looked back at precious time wasted; crying upon memories that now appeared blur;

Missing the dear old days when she failed to recognize his undeniable love for her.

While she begged and pleaded for another opportunity to give him the love he deserved;

He had transformed into a man whose life had turned bitter and unnerved.

After enormous appealing, he ultimately unlocked the chain on his door;

She was left with no choice but to live with someone who would never be able to love her like before. 

The end
Hope you folks loved reading the poem. I sure enjoyed writing it a lot. This poem made me think deep and reach the poet within me. Do subscribe and comment and let me know your thoughts on the topic. Meet you next time same place, Thought for Souls.

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