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Do smartphones really need 2k and 4K display?

Do smartphones really need 2k and 4K display?

Hello everyone! It’s been quite some time since I wrote a technical post. Just the other day, one of my friends bought a brand new Moto Droid turbo. He previously owned a Nexus 5 and was very excited to get his new phone. I being the techy asked him, “Dude your Nexus 5 is almost new and works perfectly fine why spend so much and buy a new phone when the old is fine”. To this he answers, “See my new phone has 2K (1440 x 2560 pixels) display and the old one just has a full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels) display.” Yes to this I was having the same expression as you are having now. So I went back home and did a little research on this so called quad HD resolution.
And you know what quad HD and 4K are the future and I don’t deny that fact at all. But then I thought do we really need that much pixels in just a smartphone. Read the following Pros and Cons and I am sure you will have a clear picture.

  1. The phone displays looks awesome with vivid and crisp colors.
  2. Status symbol: you get to brag to your friends that you own a 2K display phone
  3. The games look unbelievably sharp
  4. Perfect for tablets of 7 to 9 inches
Cons: Now here’s where everything falls into picture
  1.  The battery drains incredibly faster because of 2K pixels
  2. The processing power required for displaying even a normal picture is hell lot
  3. Obviously the price of such smartphone will be sky-high
  4. The phone gets heated quickly as compared to HD and full HD screen phones
  5. The ARM architecture available in the market cannot host 2K to its max potential

The cons are never ending but when the same display is used for television and computers, the tables are turned. Televisions and computers are devices which have been built for their specific purposes and hence can utilize the true potential of 2K and 4K displays.
Not only that according to studies, a normal human being using a 4.7 inch phone cannot differentiate between a 2K and a full HD phone display. 2K is something that is well suited for bigger screen sizes such as tablets and laptops and will enhance the overall experience. So if you intend to buy a laptop or a tablet, 2K display is the right path to go. And if you plan on buying a smartphone having a 2K display, make sure that the phone has ample of battery and raw processing power.
I hope this post was helpful and can enhance your shopping experience. I will be back with more such informative posts only on Thought for Souls.
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