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Rebel — The Poem


I know sometimes I may be too loud
Loud enough that you just can’t ignore me
I can wear fancy clothes that is odd
So odd, that you may want to despise me
But the truth that you don’t know, need to know, and should know is that
I don’t care for who you think I am and what you think I should be
Because I love being the way I am, and not something that you would want me to be
Yes it’s true, I love that rebel in me!

I enjoy going solo and can sport a haircut that is not stereotypical
Because moving with the flow is not meant for me
Partying the way I want, dating the person you don’t want
Well, that’s more like me!
It doesn’t matter what kind of labels you stick on to me
Because I see things the way you don’t see
Perhaps, being judgmental and predictable is not my cup of tea

I’m just being me and there is nothing else that I can be
You may discriminate and draw comparisons to others
But it will never help loosen my rebellious side
I can tattoo my skin and drive along with friends
And let you watch as the rules of the society bend
So you may continue to preach or get driven crazy
But, only those who like my ways will love the rebellious child in me.

The end
I hope you guys enjoyed the poem. I was really excited about posting this poem. It was a journey while writing the poem, going through a whole load of emotions. Do comment and let me know your thoughts on this poem. This is me saying sayo nara until next time, Thought for Souls.
Rebel — The Poem Reviewed by Indrajit Das on 12:17 PM Rating: 5


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