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#StartANewLife: Overcoming your fears is the first step to success!

#StartANewLife: Overcoming your fears is the first step to success!

Have you ever felt betrayed by your fears? Maybe you have always wanted to take risks in life. But the fear of failure, rejection, of people laughing at you, may have demotivated your spirit. And by the time you realize, it may have been too late. Perhaps, you would have lost out on a lot in life. I used to face the fear of speaking in public not because I was lazy and didn’t want to talk, but because I was afraid of becoming the laughing stock. It was all until I chose to #startanewlife by overcoming my weaknesses.

Three years ago, while I was pursuing my management graduation degree, I never knew what life had planned for me and how it was going to treat me. The moment I heard the course would require students to give presentations for their internal exams, I freaked out! No, it wasn’t that I didn’t know how to prepare a presentation. In fact, I was skilled at making the PowerPoint slides but was afraid of going up on the stage and facing a huge crowd.

When I went up on stage, the first time to deliver my presentation, I blanked out on seeing the enthusiastic and curious faces of my fellow students. They all gave me a strange look, and I kept my head low and looked at the ground because I wasn’t able to make eye-contact with them. The professor persuaded me to look up and speak, but my heart wouldn’t stop racing. My face turned pale and blue, and I ended up stammering while some of the backbenchers giggled at my plight.
There were times when I would take a piece of paper in my hand just in case I forget what I had to say. Though I was good at academics and would prepare very well, the moment it was my turn to speak, the sight of numerous faces anxiously peering at me would give me a nervous breakdown.

One day, my business ethics professor, Mr. Mehra asked me to meet him after the lecture. I was afraid at first and wondered if I had done something wrong due to which I was being reprimanded. He told me that he understood my public speaking problem because in his younger days even faced the same dilemma. But he took up the challenge to overcome it and today he is a lecturer, addressing students in the top management colleges. Mr. Mehra knew that I was a dedicated student and a keen learner. Somehow, I wanted to get rid of my stage fright.

Under the guidance of Mr. Mehra, I started working on my diction and started practicing speeches in front of the mirror. With this, I was able to understand my body language, gestures, and voice modulation every time I spoke. I could visualize how I looked while I spoke in front of people. Besides that, I asked my close friends to observe me as I spoke in front of them, and I told them to correct me whenever I made a mistake. Gradually, my confidence began to grow. I took the initiation to walk up on stage and speak. I wasn’t that great the first few times, but as time passed by, I started improving.

It appeared as if my whole life had taken a new turn. I began to maintain eye-contact with the crowd while the professors and students were astonished and impressed by my improvement. Not only did I learn to overcome the fright, but also began to gain confidence and interact with the audience while speaking. Things began to change by the final year. It was unbelievable, but I started anchoring for college events and even chose to host family functions. No longer did I stammer. I even participated in public speaking competitions and won prizes for it.

I realized that the fear, which was in my mind was beatable. It was too minor that I should have got rid of it a long time ago. But still better late than never, I finally managed to begin a new phase of my life by conquering my anxiety, nervousness, and fears. It didn’t matter who spoke bad about me or who laughed at me. Each time I took the microphone in my hands, words flowed out from the bottom of my heart. Everyone in the audience knew that I was speaking with deep thought and emotions. Hence, they were able to connect with me. I felt a sense of achievement and joy when they cheered and applauded at the end of every speech I delivered.

It is true that all it takes is hard work, courage, determination, and initiation to get rid of your shortcomings and convert your weaknesses into your strengths. From then on, my life changed forever, and I know that success is never too far away.

Remember that a little efforts from your end to make a change in your life and make a new beginning can reap fruits!

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