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Tattoo or Taboo?

Tattoo or Taboo?

Call it a fad or obsession, the tattoo craze and dilemma continues even today. Not many are aware but once inked for life, it doesn’t just hang on there as an ink, but an impression on which people are constantly judging you and jumping to conclusions. It is agreed that we are in the 21st century where modernity is soaking at a rapid pace in many homes be it interfaith marriages or giving a modern twist to rituals and traditions. As far as tattooing is concerned many hit a pause. Why is that so?               

      First of all there are plenty of reasons to get inked. You may have just graduated from school and want to showcase your adulthood, you are the rebellious kind who wants to prove that you will do whatever it takes to be cool. Perhaps you are heartbroken in a relationship and need to get inked to vent out anger and emotions or so madly in love that your pretty confident about inking your partner’s name because you feel he/she is the one you’ll end up spending your life with or the worst your simply bored and wish to get inked to overcome boredom.                  

 The problem is that when your body is inked at a very visible spot, people tend to judge you as being rebellious, loose and easy. Some think you’re a wannabe and need to do something to desperately grab attention. Having a tattoo on a hidden part of your body is fine because no one really knows about it. The young generation go on to ink themselves in such places without the knowledge of their parents because they fear that their parents won’t permit it.                     

It turns out to be a huge problem if it’s a case of arranged marriage proposal because families fear that potential in laws would not accept the thought of having a modern daughter in law who is inked. Her character is judged as being loose and over friendly. Especially girls who have tattoos are judged by some men as ‘women who would sleep on their first date.’ Even the human resource corporates have observed that people with tattoos are rejected in interviews probable because they are judged as being unreliable and unprofessional.                           

 So is it right to judge a person’s nature and behavior on the basis of a tattoo? No doubt today there are many cosmetic surgeries available to get rid of permanent inks but that procedure is much more painful than getting the tattoo itself. To jump to conclusions about it being undisciplined isn’t fair enough, while we say that our country is advancing but if we look at it from a wider perspective then it is one’s individual opinion to get a tattoo and live with it forever. No one should be allowed to review another person on the basis of his ink. If one tattoos a holy religious symbol on their body then definitely he/she wouldn’t be looked upon as a gullible person then why should he/she be judged for any sort of tattoo.                          

  If we are talking about modernization then it is better we modernize completely than only in certain sections. If not, don’t modernize in any areas of life. People need to put an end to being hypocrites and stop criticizing or passing judgments on others with tattoos because inking is a personal choice and everyone is entitled to live their lives the way they would want to. Ink or don’t ink it’s one’s choice and it’s time we grow up and start acting matured.

That's it folks for tonight. Hope you liked the topic. I am soon planning to get my first tattoo, Ying Yang, signifying life and death, good and bad. Do let me know what are your thoughts about tattoos in the comments below. See you next time at the same place, Thought for Souls

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