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The day my best friend turned into my world

The day my best friend turned into my world

They say friends are precious gifts from God. They are the ones who would fight with us on silly matters, laugh at our nonsensical jokes, wouldn’t hesitate to poke fun at us, etc. No matter how much mischievous or hilarious they may be, in times of trouble your best friends always have your back. In your ups and downs, they ensure that your friendship goes beyond words and always motivate you to give your best in whatever you do. I used to be a pessimist who always kept thinking negatively while my best friend Raghav was the opposite. Full of life and energy, my childhood buddy Raghav brings in a fresh breath of optimism in my life. And it all transpired that fateful day when my life changed forever.

It was a Sunday evening, and my organization was celebrating the office annual day. It was a happy and thrilling moment for me as I was nominated for the best employee of the year award. I called up Raghav and told him that he had to make it for the award function to cheer for me. And knowing Raghav, I was sure he wouldn’t miss this one for me. The award function began, and it was almost half way through, yet there was no sign of my best friend. My ridiculous pessimist side kept pestering me. “I doubt if he is going to make it. How could he ditch me like that? It’s my special day and a big moment for me.” There were few minutes left for the announcement of the award. I was busy conversing with a few colleagues when I noticed several missed calls from Raghav. I called back and got the shock of my life when I heard the words of the person on the other end of the line.

I slammed the door of my car and zoomed to the nearest hospital. Tears flowed from my eyes, my hands trembled, and I was gasping for breath searching for my best friend. Raghav’s mother who was already present there told me that his bike was knocked by a vehicle while he was heading to the award function. Raghav’s life was in danger and was critical in the ICU. I kept telling myself “No matter what, my buddy can’t leave me. He has to get out of the complicated situation. In fact he will and I know he is going to get completely well soon.” Raghav being an optimistic person may be rubbed some of his optimism onto me. Even though ugly thoughts of him going far away from me tried to pop into my head, I kept warning myself that nothing of that sort would happen to him. He would soon be out of the ICU straight back home, chilling and laughing with me over a bottle of beer. I had completely forgotten about my office awards. The biggest prize of my life, Raghav was battling between life and death. I needed my buddy just as much as he needed me. While he was in moved into the operation theater, I had a flashback of memories where the two of were playing with our toys while we were kids. There were times when I used to fear failing in exams, and Raghav kept encouraging me that since we both worked hard we would pass. I kept thinking of all the moments, Raghav never gave up because he was a fighter. Even today, while he was at the most crucial stage of his life, I know he wouldn’t want to give up. Even I wouldn’t lose hope or let him break apart. I kept asking God to bring back my best friend. He deserved to live.

During those nail biting moments, I consoled his mother and told her Raghav would be fine, and her son would recover and become as healthy as he was earlier. His mother too was shocked to see an optimistic side of me because even she was aware of my pessimistic nature.

Finally, once the operation was done, the doctor revealed to us that Raghav survived with multiple head injuries and stitches. I couldn’t stop thanking the doctors for the marvellous job that they did. 

After a few weeks, when Raghav was discharged from the hospital and came back home, I narrated the entire incident to him and hugged him with happiness. Even he couldn’t believe that I was sure about him being saved from the jaws of death.

Sometimes, when I think about this, I realize that our life is filled with several phases of joys and sorrows that are inevitable. We never know what is going to happen in the next few minutes of our lives. But the main challenge lies in staying calm and being confident about the situations that occur.

There is always a positive solution to every difficulty at hand. The main trick lies in having faith and optimism.

So, remember always to believe in optimism because only then you can and you will be able to handle any dilemma of life.
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