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The Power of Love!

The Power of Love!

In moments of happiness, your care knew no bounds;
In moments of sadness, you made not a sound.

You watched as I smiled, you watched as I cried;
Through thick and thins of life, you held my hand and stood by my side.

My voice you seek for comfort in times of test and despair;
Step by step you guided me; neither asking how, when and where.

They say life indeed is a roller coaster ride;
The lows you seem to deviate, while the highs you take in your stride.

Problems keep knocking at the door;
To which you kick back solutions to the core.

You struggle to live each thrilling day;
Without which, life would have been such a blunt dismay.

We grow up hearing endless tales of how the spider climbed up the wall;
Or how humpty dumpty had a big fall.

Dreams are formed, dreams are broken;
But the essence of life, to live each day meaningfully doesn’t get shaken.

We don’t give up but fight till the end;
Because love, my friends, has the power to shun pain and to mend.

The end
Wow! that took a hell lot of thinking. Love is something that can go beyond boundaries, race, religion, and even continents. Power of love comes from within and from our will to withstand every odd. If you want to share your thoughts on this topic then do comment below. I'd love to hear from each one of you. Time to say good bye now. Meet you next time with another thought only on Thought for Souls.
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