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Angel sent in disguise: #MyFirstExpert

Angel sent in disguise: #MyFirstExpert

You are my strength, my shield
A light in the dark, a guide to my path
My hope and my saviour
You mean everything to me
You are my world, Ma!

My Guardian Angel (Image Source)

God could not come down to earth to guard and care for every child in this world. That is the reason he made mothers. Isn’t it true? A mother is an epitome of love. She spreads her love to keep her children warm. She works all day long, to ensure that her little one’s needs are fulfilled. Even when she is ill, she will keep aside her troubles and health issues but make sure her child is healthy. There may not be sufficient food for everyone, but she will work hard and stay hungry herself as she is determined to feed her child well. A mother is that selfless and sacrificing.  All moms around the world have common traits. It's hard to understand whether these characteristics are formed when she is a woman or during her motherhood, but they are naturally imbibed in her. In this season filled greetings of international mother’s day, I would like to share some of my heartfelt emotions and experiences of my dear mom.

Classmate making fun of my language (Image Source)

As a school kid, I lacked English speaking skills because of which, I wasn’t confident among school mates. There were nasty kids who made fun of me due to my weakness. I felt hurt and would weep at times. Mom knew what was happening. So, she motivated me by getting English story books. She ensured that I watch educative English cartoons. Though she cud not speak English well, she still encouraged me always to speak the language with friends. Mom wanted to see her child growing into a successful person and didn’t want language to be a barrier. Being a working mother, she would return late from work and get busy with household chores. She was the breadwinner who slogged to earn so that her child receives the best education. Health and food was something mother on which she never compromised. 

As I was the only child, she strived to fulfill all my needs without making me a spoilt brat. Be it delicious snacks or toys she ensured that I always shared my things with other children. If there was no one around to play with me, she would wind up her housework quickly and join me as she never wanted me to feel lonely and disheartened.

Mom providing support when I had no one to turn to (Image Source)

During my teens when I had my first heartbreak, without even saying a word, she knew what I went through. I don’t know if my mother and I share a strong telepathy, but it’s strange how we understand each other without having to express it in words.

Mom never made me miss dad (Image Source)

Growing up without a father was difficult but mom made sure I never felt incomplete. She is not only my mom, but also a dad, sibling, and friend. I am fortunate to have her in my life for guiding and molding me. Just as clay requires the dedication and the skilled hands of a potter to acquire a form and perfect shape. Similarly, mom has shaped me in a way that I can independently create and follow my dreams. Today I have been blessed with success thanks to the efforts and concern of mom.
And on this auspicious season of love and warmth, here’s wishing all the moms a VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

If you haven't yet wished her then go right now and give her a tight hug and say "Mom I love you so much! You are the best person in this whole wide world!" And I can bet your moms will love your gift and feel more special than ever. 

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  1. Awesome post! I loved how you described your mom being your strength and savior The write-up with the creative images was very beautiful and touching. Keep it up! :)

  2. Hi Thank you for the kind words. I tried giving my best :)


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