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#MyAirtelApp first experience

#MyAirtelApp first experience 

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Recently, I saw one of my friends shaking his phone and jumping with joy and saying, “Yeah I got the offer hurray hurray!” Seeing him jumping like that attracted a lot of eyes and many people started whispering to themselves, “Looks like he’s gone bonkers due to work stress”. I thought to myself wait a minute, Rahul is not one of those guys who will go bonkers over job stress. In fact, he is the most relaxed and composed lad I know. So out of curiosity I went towards him and asked him the reason for his joy. To which he answered, “Dude haven’t you downloaded the My Airtel App? If you still haven’t downloaded the app, then download it fast. It has loads of nifty features and special packs.” Honestly speaking I was not at all impressed by his sales strategy. Moving back to my workstation, I saw a bunch of colleagues sitting and shaking their phones and saying “Yes! this is the perfect offer for me. Thank you app.” There was something different about this app I thought to myself. Hmmm, I better download and check it for myself.

So, I went back to my desk and started my data pack. The network in the office was quite low, so I had to wait like for ages to load Play store. I navigated to the app that said 'My Airtel App' and then pressed the install button. Slowly and steadily the app was downloaded and then an icon appeared on my home screen. I started the app and obeyed the instructions religiously.

The app was quite slick and easy to understand. The home screen of the app showed my account details including my Rs. 20 balance :D and other offers such as recharge and data packs. There were quite a few fantastic features in the app that I couldn’t have even imagined. For starters, the app has options for recharging and Airtel number, Airtel money for easy shopping and bill transaction, and even an option to buy a new Airtel connection.

The first feature that blew my mind away was the shake your phone feature. The whole time I was looking at my office colleagues shaking their phones and jumping with joy. Well, now it’s my turn! I shook the phone, and the app displayed an option “Special 3G offer only valid for your number”. I saw the plan, and I was ecstatic! How can 3G be so cheap? It was quite surprising that I needed 3G desperately as I was fed up of the slow 2G internet speed. Thankfully, I got the exact offer that I wanted. I got up from my place and went to the nearest mobile recharge center. Then suddenly something struck me. Wait a minute, the app has the option to recharge any Airtel number why should I walk quite a distance only for a simple recharge. I entered the amount and followed the instructions and voila! The recharge was successful and I got the right data pack in a jiffy.

The second feature that caught my eye was the Airtel surprises option. When I did my 3G recharge, I got a free coupon for Flipkart. Apparently, on every recharge from the app I would get a coupon on popular brands! Isn’t that great get paid to shop!

After finishing the recharge and redeeming my coupon, I wanted to play around a bit more with the app, so I was exploring it suddenly I saw the third best feature that was the “I want to” option. I selected the option out of curiosity. The option was an amazing one; it allowed a user to get the most frequently used task just under a single touch. The recharge option was already under my I want to list. This app was certainly a productive one and something I look forward to using for quite a long time.

If you haven’t yet explored the incredible features present in the My Airtel App, then you are missing out a whole lot of action. To know more about the amazing app and its offers, don’t forget to visit
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