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#ComeCloser: The best hidden secrets to healthy skin!

#ComeCloser: The best hidden secrets to healthy skin!

Have you come across this phase when you are suffering from severe acne? You find that one of your female friends say, “Arey, it's okay you’re a guy you don’t need to be bothered about your skin so much!” It is the perception that many have in their mind and end up having severe acne and bad skin. Men have always been perceived to have a tough skin and the facial skin is tougher because of one logic “We get beard!” That is all just a myth. Men’s skin is as sensitive and perceptible to skin damage as any women’s skin is. The only difference is that the tolerance and sensitivity level of the skin differ in men and women.

So enough of the debate, and let’s get down to the business. So as men why should you and how should you take care of your skin? The answer is not that simple as it may seem. One of my friends had a flawless skin and was proud of it until puberty hit him, and he got a whole lot of acne. Now there was no way he could have avoided acne as that is natural but how you treat your acne is in your hands. If he had taken right care of his skin and avoided unhealthy food and some bad habits, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up with holes and scars in his cheeks.

So let me share some of the few tips and tricks that I have been using from past few years:

1. Water content
As you know, 75% of our body is made up of water, it plays a paramount role in keeping our body cool and functioning properly. Just imagine your skin like a land which hasn’t been sprinkled for quite some time. The result would be cracks and holes forming in the area. Same is the case with our skin hence make it a habit to drink at least 2 litres of water in any form every day and it will keep your skin healthy and fresh.

2. Moisturizing
It is one of the fundamental factors to having flawless skin as well. The most common and cheap way to moisturize your skin is applying aloe vera gel. It will avoid the skin to become dry and in turn stop any bacterial infection on your skin. Since Aloe is a natural substance, there are no side effects and
can be found at any local stores. So grab those aloe gels and plan a Sunday afternoon to rest and moisturize those dry skins.

3. Anti-tanning
If you are those typical Indian men who like sports and adventure, you are tanned! Yes, this is a
major curse when you are dating someone. If you are tanned then get ready to hear the constant dialogues from your girlfriend, “Why don’t you do something about your tanned skin!” Well, the fact is that why not do something of the tanned skins. It’s that easy as playing a video game in the afternoons while having a cold beer. The best anti-tanning therapy that has worked for me is lemon and haldi paste. Take a tablespoon of turmeric and add an equal amount of fresh lemon juice in a container and stir it nicely. Apply this paste on the face and enjoy some meaningful sports magazine.
Let the miraculous paste do its magic and after an hour wash your face and see the magic. Continue this every day for a month and you’ll get an anti-tanned skin.

4. Healthy food
As men, we have to meet other men and drinks and pizzas. It may be good for the reputation but
unquestionably a killer for the skin. Alcohol causes the skin to dry very rapidly, and the oil from the food will just cause more pimples and aid in bacterial growth. So whenever you do go out for parties and make sure you keep it limited. Also, ensure that you have a right amount of water and exercise the next morning. It will help to remove all the toxins from the body and keep your skin and body healthy. And try to cut down on the fats as far as possible and stick to fresh organic food.

5. Ayurveda to rescue

Now you may ask what if I already have pimples and have oily skin; how to cure that? Well, in that case, we first need to treat the pimples first and then start with the above healthy tips. And how do we cure the existing pimples? Simple! We use the most common and natural remedy that has been there for decades that is Ayurveda. Yes, you heard me right, Ayurveda comes in a modern package as well. One of my friends recommended me this option, and I would like to share this with you all as well. The cure is using VICCO Turmeric Cream. Yes, it’s that simple. Make sure that you use this twice a day and you it will take care of pimples, oily skin, and even those annoying blackheads. The most common trick to use it effectively is washing your face with the cream before leaving from home and after reaching home. It has helped me maintain a pimple-free and healthy skin from years, and it can help you as well.

To know more about VICCO Turmeric Cream and its benefits be sure to visit

You can also view their video which explains all the benefits of using the cream:

Editor's special note:

Many of us may suffer from cystic acne at a point of our lives. It can be very painful and de-motivating for us. But there are ways to safely get rid of cystic acne without any cosmetic treatments. Yes you heard it right! If you are suffering from painful cystic acne, you might want to check out A guaranteed Guide to Cystic Acne at Home. It is a comprehensive guide and will help you safely get rid of cystic acne. Till next time, this is me signing off.
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