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Cricket and UC Browser: Game, set, match!

 Cricket and UC Browser: Game, set, match!

For me, there are just two things that I hold very close to my heart, one being my family and the other my love for cricket. I can give up anything and everything for these two and why not? We as Indians have been brought up in such manner that we pray for two things. Our family to be in good health and for Sachin to score a six on the last ball of the over :P Yes this is truly my India.
So without further ado, let me tell you one of my life’s craziest incidents that made me choose between my family and cricket. The Cricket World Cup was going on and like a loyal cricket fan, I was glued whole day to the television box. Not just me, but all my folks were present there to support me and our country. Everything seemed fine, and India was on a winning streak. My friends loved to hang out at my home during the cricket season. That way they too used to get to have all the wonderful snacks that my mother prepared for the viewers. I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends watching cricket. What else can go wrong?
Until my sister engagement was planned! Yes, my sister had to get a perfect match exactly when the World Cup was going on. No no! That was still fine. But, the biggest bomb was dropped when the Pandit said that the stars were aligned perfectly. And their engagement must happen in the same month otherwise they would have to wait for another eight months to get the right date. Now that’s an atom bomb falling on all my dreams of watching India in the finals with my family and friends.
India’s matches were going on, and I was busy helping with decorations and formalities. Now you may wonder where his passion for cricket disappeared. It didn’t fade away! I was given a simple warning from my mom, “If you don’t help out with the decorations, you will not get any food or TV!” These words were kind enough to persuade me to help in the wedding preparations. Even though I was helping out in the setup my mind was not at ease. The constant thought of what the score is was killing me from within. In such state of mind, I even dropped one of the flower vase meant for the decorations. Mom scolded me for not paying attention. I got furious and cribbed. Then suddenly I saw my elder brother removing his phone, seeing something and jumping with joy. He then screamed “Yeah Sachin hit a six!” Out of curiosity, I asked him how he got the updates quickly. He then introduced me to the UC browser and updated me about the UC Cricket section, where all the cricket updates were just a click away.
I was zapped ecstatic! This small app saved my day. I helped around with the decorations and got the latest updates all from the click of the browser. All thanks to the unique UC Cricket feature from UC Browser, I could dedicate my time to both my loves that are my family and cricket! To know more about all the super cool features of UC browser, visit,

You can also see this amazing video that explains how UC Browser can help you to stay updated with loads of features:

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