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3 Reasons to #GetAirtel4G on Your Smartphone!

Wondering why you should get Airtel 4G internet speed? Discover some of the benefits of Airtel 4G as I tell you how it has made a difference in my life.

Gone are the days when people believed that internet was only a luxury which could be afforded by well-to-do families and businessmen. After the success of 3G, our country has now diverged itself into a new path where it has become easy to connect to family and friends on the go. As I heard about the latest developments in the telecommunication sector of India, it excited me to know that Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out Airtel 4G services. They are not only here to offer the best in internet connectivity and speed but also help you reach out to the world instantly with the power of technology.

So, I began to wonder how to get Airtel 4G SIM and fortunately, I discovered that the brand themselves provide it once your register for it. All you need to do is tweet #GetAirtel4G and voila! Within a couple of days, you can receive the 4G SIM card at your doorstep. How cool is that? I started to ponder over how beneficial would the Airtel 4G services prove to be? After a lot of thinking, here is what I listed in my mind:

1. My favourite soccer matches just a click away from me!

Being a soccer fanatic, I cannot miss out on watching the English Premiere League matches. Sitting with my friends on the couch in front of the TV, while we watch Barcelona defeat the opposite team is the best feeling in the world. However, the sudden power failure due to load shedding can play spoilsport. After all every match is such a crucial game for me and my friends. Thankfully, with the Airtel 4G high-speed internet that is available on postpaid and prepaid, we can now watch the matches without any disturbance or interruptions. 

2. YouTube, YouTube, and lots of YouTube!

Call me a total YouTube addict! How can I possibly stream live videos without excellent connectivity? Fortunately, with the high-speed internet plans in Airtel 4G, I don’t have to face any more buffering or loading of videos. It could be watching viral videos, funny stand-up comedians, or the latest music videos. One thing for sure is that the pace at which the videos play as soon as I hit the ‘play’ button is sure to play even before I can blink my eyelid.

3. Instant movie download!

No more waiting to download movies at night where the bandwidth is going to be higher. Isn’t it strange how we Indians sometimes have to rely on the time of the day to keep our favourite movies for downloading? Now even the bad weather cannot ruin my fun movie weekend with my cousins. It is so easy to know how to get Airtel 4G on your phone and put it to optimum use. The best bit is that owing to the high speeds there won’t be any compromise on the quality of the movie files. I can continue to enjoy a wholesome entertainment experience by downloading huge HD files with maximum resolution.

So tell me, dear friends, would you want to miss this opportunity of grabbing the best of technology in your hands? No right? Then get ready to experience it on your smartphone. All you need to do is #GetAirtel4G.

For more information about the various post-paid and prepaid plans of Airtel 4G, visit,

Also, do not forget to watch this superb commercial of Airtel 4G given below:

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