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#RealTogetherness with real people!

With the whole family being occupied by busy schedules, work, school, homework, and other priorities, we tend to forget the most important priority in our lives. And that is – togetherness. Somehow it often falls by the wayside. Between juggling errands and trying to adapt to new routines, we end up complaining how we have missed to commit a part of our valuable time to our family.

Sometimes, it is weird to see the entire family sitting at home on a Sunday, and each is hooked to a gadget. Be it the cellphone, tablet, or television. I used to witness such a situation in my family. Even though we were all living together, we weren’t together. It was a mere formality. The only person who seemed to be irritated with all of us was my mother. She kept yelling at everyone to keep their cell phone away but no matter how hard we tried, we were all so addicted to it. She gave up on us. At times, it grew into an obsession where even during dinner one could not take their eyes off the cellphone as if their life depended on it.

One day mom brought home a chikoo seeds and planted it in the backyard of our home. She took good care of it. Regularly adding manure to the soil, watering it, and even took measures to keep insects and pests at bay. While we all observed her nurturing the plant, we were least bothered as believed she was just wasting her time. But as weeks past, my entire family was curious to know how far the sapling had grown. At first we were hesitant and shy to walk upfront up to the backyard. Hence, I used to sneak and check if the plant was growing without any hassles. As weeks turned into months, the plant had grown well enough. By now we all were involved and voluntarily took up the responsibility to care for the tree.

The neighbors were curious to know how the entire family that once upon a time hardly made time for each other were now mingling together. None of us even thought about our cellphones. By 1 years, the tree had grown, and we were anxiously awaiting its fruits. During this span, we had visitors every day. The children from the neighborhood visited our home to sit under the shade of the tree and play in the backyard. Very soon the tree began to bear sweet fruits.

While my family members and I had regular bonding sessions as we spoke in lengths of how we needed to start a tree plantation drive in our residential area. Immediately plans were sketched out. My parents, siblings, cousins, and close relatives joined in to execute the drive. We visited every home and informed people to participate in the drive and do their bit towards protecting the environment. Gradually people flocked in to support our campaign in large numbers and we were able to execute the tree plantation drive successfully. To see the entire neighborhood mingle with each other and happily spend time with one another over nature was a sight to watch out. The whole experience was enthralling as it made me realize that we humans are meant to live together in the society. Regardless of how hard we try to be independent, we all need each other at some point. And being together means stepping out of imaginary and virtual worlds and spending quality time in our daily lives.

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