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A Splendid Fun Ride With my Datsun redi-GO

Credit: Datsun redi GO website
Last week, my friend called up with excitement rushing in his voice.
“Hey dude, did you check out the new car that Datsun has launched?”
“Wait! What car? What are you talking about? Which model?”
“It’s all over the news bro. You have to check it out. They say it’s an awesome fusion of a compact crossover and urban hatchback. Not only does it look brilliant but also delivers a smooth performance”.
I hung up.
I quickly browsed the web for this car and checked out its reviews. It was the ideal car that I would love to take out for a spin. What indeed took me by surprise were its three best features that caught my attention.

1) Its design made me go ga-ga!

When I first saw the images that were splashed all over the web, I fell in love with its design. There was something quirky about its styling. Its side character lines gave it a chiseled and toned look. It was nothing less than a sports car. Wow! Imagine a sports car with a hatchback orientation. It would be one helluva combo! Another thing that caught my eye was that it had a heightened stance that ensures me a better view of the surroundings as well as the road. Driving on rough roads would be even more exciting thanks to the high ground clearance that one checks out on the street.
2) Its oh-so-spacious interiors!
Since I love to travel with family and friends, having enough room and leg space in a car is super important. That Datsun redi-GO provides. I can enjoy having mini-picnics to a resort or a long trip a hill-station and then perhaps even outdoor camping with my friends. Its sporty fabric is highly comfortable and prevents perspiration to give an energetic feel. The dashboard is one of my favorite spots in a car. It’s where I can keep all my things like spectacles, air fresheners, accessories, etc. Surprisingly, this one allows me to use the digital tachometer to keep me informed about the current fuel economy. I can imagine me and my friends opening the power windows to enjoy the fresh breeze as our car zooms away on the grassy lands. 

3) Its all-time efficient performance!

With 25.17 kmpl, I can hear no one complaining. Instead everyone’s smiling from ear-to-ear. Its 799 cc engine provides a peppy response so that I can drive away to glory for longer periods. In fact, it’s i-SAT (intelligent spark automated technology) engine delivers a smooth and knock-out performance all the time, so that I can effortlessly drive away. Its superior suspension system offers high stability and cornering performance.
I intend to test the vehicle by driving it away to another city that is far from mine – Mumbai. I would love to explore how the Datsun redi-GO fulfills my wish to explore the nature and beauty of another city. Talking about the parameters on which I would be testing it – mileage, comfort, and ease in driving. Once I purchase the car, I know that it’s going to be my new best friend and accomplice in every journey I take on. A good and affordable car insurance would surely help me protect my car from unseen events so I won’t miss out on that too.
Be it in the monsoons or the heavy traffic hours, I can rely on my Datsun redi-GO  to take me wherever I want to go. It would make me feel confident and responsible each time I lay my hands on the wheel. Right now, I am all ready for a spin.
Anyone willing to lend me their car? No? Well, I guess I have to might as well as book it immediately! Now whenever asks me what car are you buying? I have the right answer, Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

A Splendid Fun Ride With my Datsun redi-GO Reviewed by Indrajit Das on 12:30 PM Rating: 5

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